Famous lyricist Abhilash died in Mumbai late on Sunday night after a long illness. He was battling liver cancer and was in bed for the last 10 months amid financial constraints. Abhilash is best known for his immortal song 'Itni Shakti Humein Dena Daata ...'.

Even before Abhilash, there have been many stars who had to face poverty in the last days. At one time, he had money, name and fame, but in the last days, financial constraints left him nowhere. Let's look at such celebs ...

1. Mahesh Ananda


Actors who have been seen in films like 'Shahenshah', 'Forced', 'Swarg', 'Thanedar', 'Vishwatma', 'Gumrah', 'Khuddar', 'Betaz Badshah', 'Vijetha' and 'Kurukshetra' He was found dead in his house on 2019. Mahesh Anand was not getting work in any film for a long time. Because of this, he was in a lot of depression. His financial condition was not good and he used to live alone.

2. A K Hangal


AK Hangal, known as Rahim Chacha in the Hindi cinema world, was died on 26 August 2012. AK Hangal is a Bollywood actor who made his Bollywood debut at the age of 50.

He played the role of a father or a close relative of actors in most films from the 70s to the 90s. AK Hangal is also said to have been found dead in the house in a bad condition. Hangal went through a period of severe depression in his last days. He spent the last day in a dilapidated house for rent.

Before his death, he was struggling with many diseases. It is said that when his health was very bad, he did not have even the money for treatment. When his son told that there was no money for his father's treatment, then Amitabh Bachchan gave him 20 lakh rupees to get him treated.

3. Vimi


Sunil Dutt starrer 'Hamraj', released in 1967, made Vimi, an entry in Bollywood, an overnight star. The songs of 'Hamraj' were a huge hit. The film's success allowed Vimi to act in about 10 films. However, alcohol addiction, rising debt and poor family life spoiled Vimi's career. He died 10 years after becoming a star. It is said that his corpse was taken to a crematorium in a chawl.

4. Geeta Kapoor


Actress Geeta Kapoor, who worked in films like 'Pakija' (1972), died on May 26, 2018. The last time of Geeta was spent in great distress and her own children did not take care of her. Geeta's choreographer son ran away leaving her in the hospital. Ashok Pandit and other Bollywood celebs were spending treatment for Geeta.

5.  Bharat Bhooshan


In the past, popular actor Bharat Bhushan played more than one person like Kalidas, Tansen, Kabir, Baiju Bawra and Mirza Ghalib in his career. However, his condition deteriorated in the last days of his life.

Even on January 27, 1992, he died in extreme trouble. India produced many films on being called elder brother. Two of these films 'Basant Bahar' and 'Barsaat Ki Raat' went on to be super hit and Bharat Bhushan became popular. They got a lot of money.

After this, Bharat Bhushan's brother Ramesh encouraged him to make more films. Bharat Bhushan did the same thing as his brother. But alas, all the films he made later flopped. In such a situation, Bharat Bhushan was drowned in debt and fell in love with Pai-Pai. Bharat Bhushan lost all he had earned. Their bungalows were sold, cars were sold, yet they kept saying I have no problem.But one day when he had to sell his library books for waste, he was moved. In the last days of his life, Bharat Bhushan was very upset. Respect, wealth and fame were all destroyed. The top most hero who roamed in expensive vehicles was now seen standing in the bus line. Bharat Bhushan became very ill in the last days. But regrettably, neither was there anyone to get treatment nor was there anyone to take care of them.

6.  O P Nayyar


Omkar Prasad Nayyar, the name of the world of music, who gave the Hindi film industry more than one excellent song. OP Nayyar was born on 16 January 1926 in Lahore, which is now part of the country of Pakistan.

OP Nayyar started his career with the film 'Knees'. Nayyar Sahab gave the background music of the film. But his first film as a musician was 'Asmaan'. After this Nayyar saheb also gave music for the films 'Chamm Chama Cham' and 'Baaz'.

OP Nayyar also composed music for the well-known actor and director Guru Dutt's films 'Aaar Paar', 'Mr. & Mrs.', 'CID' and 'Tumsa Nahi Dekha'. But at the last time he also saw the phase of Muflissi. It is said that when someone approached him for an interview, he used to demand alcohol and money. He died on January 28, 2007.

7. Jagdeesh Mali


Antara Mali's father and famous photographer Jagdish Mali was seen begging on the streets of Mumbai. Jagdish was identified by a model named Mink Brar, fed him and was then driven home by Salman Khan's car.

Jagdish did not seem to be mentally fit and wore ripped old clothes which can be gauged by how bad life he was living. He died on 13 May 2013.