Dushyant Kapoor's DK Films - House Of Superheroes 

Superhero genre is one of the most popular genre of films. Hollywood with it's superheroe movies like Iron Man, Batman, Superman etc. already created huge fanbase. But India is not that popular in Superhero Genre. Krrish is the only popular superhero from India. 


In 90's India have a large universe of superheroes. Shaktiman, Junior-G, Aaryaman, Captain Vyom are some popular superhero shows. Beside this Comics like Raj Comics, Diamond comics, Manoj Comics were also have huge fanbase. But unfortunately, people are forgetting our superheroes but still there are some people who love Superheroes and want to see India with Superhero Films. And Yes, some are trying to do so, and one of them is Dushyant Kapoor. Dushyant Kapoor with his production house DK Films is creating a superhero universe on You Tube. 
Dushyant Kapoor is an indian film director and producer known for his superhero content "Mahakaal", "SuitBoy" and "Boom". He is a youtuber and he uploads his films on his you tube channel DK Films.
I personally Checked his videos and those vieos are awesome. Suitboy, Mahakaal, Naari are his creation. Dress action VFX are really awesome, on a small scale you can say better than Bollywood Movies. You can check his work on youtube DK FILMS .Beside Superhero films, DK Films are also good in short movies. Corona vs India, Why I hacked tiktok are shortfilms and these have good stories.

DK Films work will definitely gain popularity in future days because they are creating universe and universe expands!! 

Short Movie Poster


Superheroes of DK Films

All Men Are Dogs-short film

You should check his work and enjoy amazing superhero stories.