7 Upcoming DCEU Movie Updates (2020-2022)

DC FanDome- The way Marvel has expanded the world of superheroes is wayward. But DC started it long ago. Be it Michael Keaton's Batman or Christopher Reeve's Superman, these are one of the finest films of that time. We know that Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy is an example of a great film in itself. DC has started a new superhero era with all these and announced it in a web event named DC FanDome.In DC FanDome, DCEU revealed his future plans. The DC FanDome is the largest event in the entertainment world so far. It was attended by many Hollywood celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Todd Phillips, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, etc. The event of DC FanDome has brought much interesting information, this includes DC's upcoming TV shows, animated shows, live-action movies, and Games.



DC FANDOME Biggest Web Event

Today in Movie Panda, we will discuss the updates of films launched in DC FanDome. So let's start.


1. Wonder Woman 84

Gal Gadot starrer This movie is Wonder Woman's solo upcoming movie, which is a further story of Wonder Woman (2017). It will be very exciting to watch this movie as it will be told about the childhood of Wonder Woman and her powers. This film is also fantastic because it will surprise you every second.

Release Date : 2 October 2020


2. Shazam !: Fury Of The Gods

Zachara Levi starrer Shazam was DC's first light comedy superhero action film. And this film was appreciated by the audience. This film proved that even DC can make a comedy superhero movie, that too with a good base. Shazam 2 and Shazam !!, is the story after Shazam, in which Mr. Mind(caterpillar) is the main villain.


Release: 4 November 2022


3. The Suicide Squad 2

Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto starrer The Suicide Squad is a great DCEU film.How a supervillain looks like a superhero should learn from this movie. There is no doubt that DC has a collection of awesome stories and The Suicide Squad is a perfect example of it. The Suicide Squad 2 is a soft reboot of the first part, which is being directed by veteran directors like James Gunn.


Release: August 6, 2021


4. Black Adam


One of the most awaited movie of DCEU, Black Adam is the story of a villain. One of the most powerful villain of DC, Black Adam's role is playing by none other than our superstar Dwayne Johnson"The Rock". Looking at his body, it can be said that no one else can do this role. He is preparing for this movie from 2008 and finally it is on the floor.


Release: December 22, 2021


5. Aquaman 2


People know how much they liked Jason Momoa starrer Aquaman. The film, which grossed $ 1 billion, is DCEUs highest-grossing film. It would be a great scene to see Aquaman(King Of Atlantis) with Trident.


Release: December 16, 2022


6. The Flash

The history of DCEU is coming to change completely by The Flash. The Flash is a multiverse based Time Traveling Movie. The Flash could be DCEU's most brilliant film without a doubt. The topic of this film is different. Till date, such a story has not been adopted in any live-action superhero film. It is exciting to hear DCEU's timeline tampering.


Release: June 3, 2022

7. The Batman

DCEU's most awaited film is The Batman. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy changed the meaning of superheroes like Batman. Now playing Batman's role is not just acting but responsibility and Ben Affleck performed this responsibility well and now it's Robert Pattison's responsibility who plays Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman movie. It would be really amazing to see how Robert Pattinson plays this role. 🦸


Release: October 1, 2021